Specialty Patterns - HTV Sheets

All of our Specialty Patterns are printed right here in house! We are always listening when our customers want something special printed, so if you have suggestions as to what you'd like to see, feel free to shoot us a message! Specialty patterned sheets must be cut different than normal HTV, but is VERY simple!

  • 1.)  Cut on mat with color side UP. (same as Oracal 651 adhesive)
  • 2.)  DO NOT REVERSE/FLIP your image in design space.
  • 3.)  Weed image.
  • 4.)  Apply clear transfer mask ($1.50 each separately) and squeegee out air bubbles.
  • 5.)  Peel off backing from HTV.
  • 6.)  Place HTV on shirt.
  • 7.)  Press at 305 for 15 seconds – USE TEFLON SHEET.
  • 8.)  Let cool 30 seconds, Peel clear mask off.
  • 9.)  Repress for 10 seconds with Teflon sheet.